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My name is Ebony. Welcome to my blog! That's me you see in the picture above...I always look like this. 

Actually, that's me on prom day. The picture was taken by my mom. You'll find her at She owns this picture, hence the copy right. I live in the greater Chicago area. The oldest of seven, I’m a student at Elmhurst College and the true definition of a bookmonster.

Bookworm’ noun: one who reads or studies frequently. Others may call themselves that, but I define myself a bit differently… a Bookmonster.

Bookmonster noun: one who consumes books with speed and ferocity.

My passion for reading started at a very young age. Some of my favorite childhood books included Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Mr. Funny, and Good Night Moon.  My first chapter book was Charlotte’s Web; I guess you can say that it was the beginning of it all. I started to read so many books; it was never enough.  A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and Harry Potter by JK Rowling were books I’ve read repeatedly; the title page is practically tattooed onto my hands.  As I matured, my talent for writing and reading only prospered. Finally I came upon the idea of starting this book review blog.

Rhebbel Periodicals is a place where I share and publish my opinions, thoughts and ideas about written material. I love most genres, as long as it keeps me interested. I look forward to sharing my Bookmonster qualities, and introduce you to something you’ve never experienced before. I’m thrilled to try my hand at new medium…blogging! I hope you will enjoy everything I have to offer, and benefit from it as well!

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