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Friday, February 22, 2013

Textbook Troubles (Part 3)

Yes, there is a textbook troubles part 3, and this time I have finally gotten my books! Achieving this goal, was a different matter entirely. When we left off last time, and I mentioned, “I should be happy about the fact that they were not as much trouble as they were last time, it’s not that much of a fuss.” How wrong I was, turns out that the last two books, I needed were not available at the bookstore. They had to order some more! I had to wait another week for them to get my books. While I was waiting, I had to borrow somebody else’s textbook, with each day that went by, I grew more and more frustrated. When I finally got the email saying my books were here, I was happy, but a little upset about the fact, that not all of my books were available on the day I was supposed to get them.
Hopefully next time thing will go smoother, if that’s not too much to ask!
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