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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amazing Grades….How Sweet The Sound!

“The strategies in this book helped me go from failing to becoming a doctoral candidate today. Thank you!”
-Kathryn Langley, M.A. Doctoral Candidate at California School of Professional Psychology

If you’re a student, then I’m sure you have had some episodes where you would study hours for a test, feel confident in acing, only to wind up with a C. Or maybe, you get nervous befSAM_0306ore an exam, and can’t recall the information. Or perhaps you just want to find a way to cut your learning time, while still maintaining your GPA. As a recent high school graduate, I have experienced all of this, and more. It’s hard to do the things you love, while keeping up your grades for the future. While I got good grades, they weren’t always the grades I wanted. In Amazing Grades, different authors collaborate with each other to offer you tips about study skills. They say that old-school studying techniques like rereading each word of the chapter is no longer effective. Spending hours trying to memorize all the facts and information three days before the test can, thankfully, go down the tube. Many authors in the book provide a different perspective on the old study methods, and give students new ones as well.
But study methods are not the only things the book provides. It also gives off self-esteem advice, different memory and body boosting snacks, bullying advice, and ways to help you focus on your goals. Amazing Grades even offers advice about how the right type of music can help you with your studying. Unfortunately, they don’t offer what type of TV show is better for studying, and it would be nice if they could say the Big Bang Theory Smile.
Anyway, the TV is not point here, the point is, if you desire to become a better student, or maintain that perfect 4.0 GPA. Then take a look at Amazing Grades, because it truly is amazing.
“We dedicate this book to students of the world and value your ability to inspire others and yourself to greatness”
-Amazing Grades: Pat Wyman and 100 other bestselling authors and experts

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