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Friday, February 8, 2013

Guest Post: BabyMouse!

I’m doing things a little differently today. My brother Ezra, has a book that he wants to share with all of you. I’m letting him take over, and share his thoughts and opinions about BabyMouse, written by Jennifer and Matthew Holmes. Enjoy!
Hello! my name is Ezra Rhodes and I am introducing you to BABYMOUSE! Babymouse is a little mouse with bad whiskers, and has a sassy, yet curious personality. There are many books in the whole series. The one I am reading is the 15th one, A Merry Babymouse Christmas.This time she is after a wiz bang (its like a cellphone) !!!!!!! To get to it she has to go through Felicia Furrypaws (hated rival), troublesome gnomes who like to say “we’re no trouble at all” invading aliens, and a ………..SQUID FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will  Babymouse get her hands on the totally awesome wiz bang !!!!!!!! Or will it be a be a bust!!!??? Find out in the book!

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