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Friday, February 15, 2013

Mystic City, Twice Star-Crossed

Mystic City, written by Theo Lawrence, is just the type of story written for the spirit of Valentines Day! The novel involves a  world that has been affected by global warming. Manhattan is now split between the skyscrapers of the Aeries and the semi-flooded Depths. People who live in the Aeries are rich and powerful. While those who live in the Depths are poor, and forced to live with magic wielding mystics.
Aria Rose, the main character, wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. She has overdosed on Stic (a mystical energy), that results in the near loss of her life, and parts of her memory. She is bewildered, and confused, and unsure what is real and what is not. She can remember her life, and her family, but not everything. Her family tells her that she had a forbidden romance with their rival’s son Thomas Foster. However, the family realizes their mistake, and decided to let them marry, despite their rebellious actions. Now she’s getting married to Thomas, to reunite the family’s rivals. The problem is, she doesn’t remember her true love. During her engagement party, she meets a strange boy and later finds out that his name is Hunter, a rebel mystic, who holds some dangerous secrets of his own.
The novel suggests what Romeo and Juliet’s life would have been, if they had lived. Theo Lawrence does a good job managing the plot in the story. However, I had a hard time trying to figure out how magic came to be in a world that is technology advanced. The squalor, luxuries, and the advanced mechanisms of the Aeries, does not fit in with people infused with magical qualities. Theo Lawrence does not fully explain how magic enters a futuristic world like ours. Despite that, he introduces something new and fresh, and perfect for romantically inclined readers!
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