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Thursday, February 21, 2013

From Civilization to Total Anarchy

Doomed is a novel written by Tracy Deebs. She creates a fast paced adventure novel, packed with lots of heart-stopping excitement.
The story begins with Pandora, a regular teenager celebrating her 17th birthday. Her mom is a corporate lawyer defending the Big Oil Company as they push for more drilling rights in Alaska. She’s upset, because her mom doesn’t acknowledge her birthday in any way, shape or form. She checks her email and Facebook, and sees that she got a email from her long lost father. He claims he has the answers to her questions, and wants to explain to her why he left. She has hundreds of questions, but the most important ones linger in her mind, why did her father walk away from their family, and why he never came back. At first she is wary, warned by her mom to never open anything she gets from her dad. However, because it’s her birthday, she opens up the email and sees what her father has to say. She is led to a blog that contains 12 childhood pictures. Excited, she send them to her local Walgreens picture account, and prepares to pick them up later. She continues to go to school and progresses through the day, but all the while she has unleashed a worm that shuts down and destroys the global power grid.
The only way to stop it, is to play the game.Pandora’s father created Pandora’s Box. The game provides the clues, and her childhood memories provide the keys. She works together with two stepbrothers Eli and Theo, to crack the game, and prevent the world from having a total meltdown.
While reading this novel, I had a hard time trying to put it down. Tracy does a good job keeping the plot in balance, and not letting the game dominate it. You also learn about Greek Mythology throughout the book. First and foremost, the story of Pandora and how she let out all the evil that was contained in the box. You still learn about Zeus, the Titans, Apollo, and many others. You get a good load of fantasy from the game, and a dose of Pandora’s reality as she and her friends try to stay alive before total anarchy prevails.

“Beat the Game. Save the world”

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