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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Books Based on Movies

This is more or less a continuation of my previous post Snow White and the Huntsmaimagen. I wanted to further elaborate my thoughts on books based on movies. The whole purpose of movies is to watch and visualize something with our eyes, and not just in our heads. Movies are entertaining, and they provide us the ability to see something we've never seen before. Books do the same thing, the difference is we need to provide our own imagery, and we have to ask ourselves the questions about what happens in the plot, rather than just watching it onscreen.
Watching a movie, then reading a book defeats the whole purpose. Why do so many people say I'll just watch the movie? If we have already seen the movie, then decide to read the book, all the scenes from the movie is playing in our head while we read the book. We don't use the imagination that might have been there if we had read. We read books and imagine the scenes that are happening. If a movie pushes out a book based on it, basically it's taking our imagination away from it.
I'm not saying it's bad to read books after you've seen the movie, but that it's pointless for movies to make books based on them. Or if they want to do it, at least write the book with detail, use the movie as a timeline, but add in something different that wasn't in the movie before.
The makers of Hunger Games had to cut some stuff from the movie, so did Harry Potter, and Twilight, and every movie that has ever been based on a book. If a book is being based on a movie, it should be better than the movie, otherwise there is no point in reading it.
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